GreenOvation Snapshot

Endorsed by World Wildlife Fund for Nature (WWF) South Africa, GreenOvation is the country’s only publication which focuses on sustainability and is distributed quarterly with Forbes Africa. With a reach that extends beyond South African borders, the cutting edge informative news and at times, provocative views, also reaches audiences in Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, Rwanda, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Ghana, Mozambique and Uganda.

Why Forbes Africa distributes our mag

Forbes Africa is GreenOvation’s distributor of choice thanks to its undisputed status as the number one monthly print magazine in the African Continent, reaching 153,000 readers aged between 25 and 64 across seven markets which comprise the EMS African Affluent. In addition, Forbes Africa has won top spot over established titles including National Geographic, Bloomberg Markets, Harvard Business Review and the New African.

At GreenOvation we believe that a ripple effect of change is needed, and in most instances, change need to start at the top, with the leadership in big businesses, in government and in civil society. Forbes Africa offers an ideal platform to present a business case for sustainability and to serve as an international knowledge-sharing platform.


Who our target audience is

With a distribution through Forbes Africa, advertisers and editorial contributors alike are able to reach the country and the Continent’s business leaders and public sector decision-makers. More specifically, leaders in the fields of:

  • Energy
  • Agriculture
  • Water resource & planning
  • Food security
  • Science & Technology
  • Sustainable city development

In addition, our publication appeals to aspirant entrepreneurs who have innovated scalable social and/or eco-friendly solutions and are able to tap into potential investment.

 What you can expect in every edition

  • Local and global thought leadership perspectives
  • Features on sustainable technologies, innovations from across the globe
  • Game-Changers – a look at social innovators and entrepreneurs who are making sustainable waves in their communities and respective economies
  • Start-Up Hand-Up Campaign – SEE: below

 Upcoming Editions

  • June 2016 –Denmark: Europe’s Green Crown Jewels
  • August 2016 – The Africa Edition
  • October 2016 –Green Cities Edition
  • Bumper Dec/Jan: Social Enterprise & Innovation

I am the target text.


Start-Up Hand-Up Campaign

GreenOvation supports small business and entrepreneurial growth in South Africa and the Start-Up Hand-Up campaign is our bid to curb the mortality rate of small businesses which is around 12-18 months. In South Africa, small businesses could still be in start-up phase, even after five years. And if the National Development Plan is anything to go by, and the SMME sector is one which is touted to deliver on the jobs needed in our economy, small business needs all the support they can get.

The Start-Up Hand-Up campaign invites corporates and individuals to contribute to the sustainable growth of small business in a very practical way: Sponsoring a print ad for a local start-up at half the cost of a full-page ad.

Imagine if every business committed even 1% of their annual ad-spend to the promotion of worthy start-ups, entrepreneurs and SMMEs, giving them access to new markets and enabling their sustainable business growth?

This SMME model of support is disruptive. And we like that.  Because we believe change will  come not by doing what we’ve always done, but by creating new ways of doing things.

Find out about the SMMEs we will be supporting in upcoming editions of GreenOvation:

Or if you would like to be featured as one of our Start-Ups, contact: